David Velick has been working as a cinematographer since he was in high school.  He studied filmmaking and video production and since then he has gained valuable experience working on web-series, tv shows, and short films. He continually looks for other projects to showcase his talents and creativity as a Producer and Director of Photography. 



Lisa E. Williams knew she wanted to be a filmmaker when she would visualize imagery of song lyrics in her head. She wanted her music in Film and Television.  Lisa would literally write the story and the scenes while the music and words were playing. "Powerful what words through a lens can become" is a phrase that she truly believes in. Over time, Lisa found a group of like-minded creative people to spend time with to learn and grow as a storyteller. Through that journey,  she has learned to write, produce and put out her own content, including short films, documentaries, and serve as executive producer for one film. Lisa continues to learn and grow daily as a writer and filmmaker and believes it's always an ongoing adventure. 



Ashley Kotera Bowen. Born August 3rd, 1989. An Alabama native, Ashley Bowen has accomplished quite a lot compared to most her age. The second of nine children, Ashley has always known what she wanted out of life. Influenced by her Aunt Mary B Greene and her mama Johnnie Phillips, Ashley’s desire was to help those around her; guiding others into realizing their hopes and dreams became an integral part of her growing up years, transforming her into the amazing person she is today. At the age of eighteen, she joined the United States Navy where she served for four years honorably on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN70). During that time she went on numerous volunteer missions including serving as part of a response team sent to Haiti to aid those affected by the Haitian Earthquake in 2010. With a total of four deployments under her belt, Ashley’s military career opened even more doors for her to help those in need. Traveling to various countries on different missions opened her eyes to a whole new world, completely different from her life in Woodland Alabama and with this new perspective, the creativity she was born with, came to life. Her experiences, her thoughts, her beliefs were translated to paper and by the time she was discharged from the military, Ashley knew that the next step in her journey would be to realize her lifelong dream of becoming an author. As an avid writer and poet, Ashley had received the Famous Poet of 2005 Award, along with numerous invitations to walk in the Famous Poets Parade and Poets for Peace Balloon-a-thon. By the time of her discharge from the Navy, Ashley’s dreams of writing had taken on a life of its own. Her time in the service had changed her; giving her new perspective and this helped to hone her writing skills. In her own words, Ashley’s thoughts on why she writes are summed up in the following quote: “The reason I enjoy writing is it's always been a way to capture the moment; an expression of not only my feelings but of other's as well. It’s a passion that burns deep. My best friend is a paper and pen.” Ashley Kotera Bowen. Ex-Military- Daughter- Sister- Role Model- Poet- Writer, Inspirational, and Inspiring. In helping her family and encouraging others to follow their dreams no matter how young or old they are, she has continued in the pursuit of her own personal growth into a more positive person by being the best she can be. Introducing ‘Behind A Poet’s Eyes’ by Ashley Kotera Bowen.



Ingrid Jordan is one of the rare up and coming bilingual actresses/producers of today that can easily transition from comedy, drama, suspense, and thriller all in one take due to the emotionally driven studies of her craft. With a passion, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is a firm believer that transparency is transferable. The Louisiana native traveled east at the curious age of 9 and relocated to Atlanta, Ga. Not only did she pack her material belongings, but she also made sure to bring her dreams along for a ride that would eventually mature into reality as both an actress and a producer as well.

She kicked off her career with her first supporting role in the short film, "My Story of Sam", which lead to more supporting and leading roles. She later landed two co-star TV series "Murder Decoded" and "ATL Homicide". She then took on another hat in the film/entertainment industry and created her own production company, F.O.F. productions, which translates as "Faith Over Fear". She executive produced and co-created her first feature film, under her company, titled, "Unbowed".



Michael Lindsey is a director, director of photography, and editor with over five years of experience in music videos, commercials, and films. After graduating from Howard University in Washington, DC, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he is currently based.



Born in Atlanta, Ga. David D. Haynes II is a writer, director, filmmaker. A writer first David has authored and published over 15 novels and directed and also produced a myriad of films in different genres. David contributes his unique style of writing, storytelling, and filmmaking to the dark place which he is constantly trying to escape.

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