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Creating films and series is exhilarating but we can't do it alone! So we need you, yes you! Above is the official teaser trailer for the pilot episode! How can you help? It's simple! Visit our GoFundMe campaign (right here: (http://bit.ly/tracewebseries) see what our mission is and how you can join us and became a part of our awesome journey! Another way to join us is to subscribe to our mailing list below as we progress with the campaign and series as a whole! We also have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter covered and are linked above (via the icons) so you can follow us and stay up-to-date on just about everything we're doing!

Bringing Trace to life means so, so much to everyone involved, both the cast and the crew. Help us to spread the word about Trace with your friends, family, and your favorite cashier at the grocery store! We will constantly be updating the website and our social media channels, so be on the lookout for that and as always, a huge thank you goes out to you with love from the entire Trace team! Now go enjoy some cool photos and posters below!